› Net Sewing;

Derinsu is one of the pioneers of modern Aquaculture cage net sewing company. Derinsu products is manufactured with high tech and qualified hands.Have spesific standards by net sewing. We are distributor of MORENOT is the leading raw net manufacturer of world aquaculture With your requests, the nets that different specifications and every diameter sewed by our experts. In addition to machine sewing we make different by reinforcing important connection points, bottom and top side of the net and centering at every 40cm. We are getting better by unifying our quality and resistance with MORENOT's net, TIMM's polysteel rope and qualified staff. With our fifteen-years experience in offshore fish farming we offer a quality service to our customers.

› Net Painting;


We are distributor of the NETKEM as the leading antifouling manufacturer.
We feel proud of to become the leading and first company in respect of net painting in Turkey. Your nets are packed at hygienic condition without touching to the ground. Net painting tower which height is 23 mt. is done functional design for painting of all diameters nets with antiffouling paint which prevent for marine organism. Living beings that are sighted in our sea at 16-23 °C degree, % 3,85 saltiness and 5-7 mg/lt average oxygen :
  • Mytilus galloprovincialis
  • Algae
  • Crustacaean protection period of that we used antifoulings was observed at aquacultural fields as minimum 12 months. .



- NetKem Net Paint -

- Another Brand Net Paint -

- NetKem Net Paint -

- NetKem Net Paint and Another Brand Net Paint -

- Another Brand Net Paint -

Homogenization is important for paint quality and long term protection.

Net-paint suspension coefficient is between 1,05-1,1.


› Net Washing;


Being owner of biggest net-washing machine in Turkey, we point out our difference and effor in service area. It is known by growers that using clean net is very important for growing fishes in short time.

     We also disinfect all size of your nets while washing with from 4 to 60 period rotation capacity.
Churn water which gets out from net washing machine,is given to municipality for pouring out to drainage after refining with biologic and chemical refinement machines.


› Net Repairing;


We are proud of being first and pioneer company about net repairing in Turkey

It is important that reinforcement nets' weak part and repairing threadbare nets for controlling fish stock and preventing financial casualties. After maintenance and revision, our company makes breaking strength test and gives information about drawing weight and high risk group nets.


Click here to downlod Net Repairing Report.


› Product Traceability;


After the post-production the nets  are branding and data are stored.

In the current time their control are made regularly under the water. Also with a special web program in our webside you can observe your nets.

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