Netkem is the  leader company all over the world is the best chemical producer and its the provider of farmer of salmon and trout antifouling.


Netrex AF is a hihgly effective antifouling for fishing nets wichh reduces growth,easees cleaning and prevents drying out.

Netrex AF was introduced in 1985 as the first waterbased antifouling .Since then the environment has been spared numeraus countries and is still one of the leading antifouling products for fishing nets.

The couprous oxide is dustfree and therefore has no adverse environmental effects.
Water is used as a dilutant(emulsion).
The treatment can be carried out even on moist nets.          

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Norway’s largest supplier of fishing gear and fish farming equipment.

Morenot  manufactured between 4-60 mm mesh size nets and what ever you imagine is able to sew by us.

Optimal solutions for fish species ranging from salmon,trout ,cod,sea bream and  sea bass to halibut and tilapia.

The Morenot hegzagonal,the first net producer in Norway and the pioneer firm in its field, produces knotted and knotless nets.
Morenot produces nets suitable NS-ISO 2000 standarts in Norway and it works with farmer of salmon and salmon trout.

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